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New Larian game will “probably” enter early access first

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New Larian game will “probably” enter early access first

While Larian Studios is still very much gung-*** about Baldur’s Gate 3, that doesn’t mean the developer won’t make any new games, especially as it doesn’t have any plans to release DLC at this time. Apparently, once its next game, which won’t be related to Baldur’s Gate or D&D, does hit the market, it will enter early access first.

In an interview with

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), director of publishing Michael Douse said the game would “probably be in early access.” This is largely to aid in its mission to keep  “a constant dialogue with the players,” while also helping mitigate the “inherent risks” of game development in the AAA space.

This route does make the most sense, as most people will forgive a janky early access game, as it will typically improve over time, it’s just a means to an end and lets the developer “steer the massive ship” and helps remove “a lot of the prediction.” Game developers do take risks when full-sending a AAA game, which could always fail if it doesn’t connect with players.

“This is the only way to do it now, especially if you consider the fact that the whole point of this stuff is to create social resonance, to create a situation where you have a constant dialogue with the players. Our next – whatever the next thing will be – will also probably be in early access. That way you remove a lot of the prediction, too. When you release a game in AAA, whatever method, [if] you don’t have early access, you’re taking a huge bet on the fact that this is good and people like it. In early access, you find out very quickly. It helps you steer the massive ship.”

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