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The Mysterious Disease That Wiped Out the Aztecs (Video)

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The Mysterious ******** That Wiped Out the Aztecs (Video)

The Aztecs, a once-flourishing civilization in central Mexico, faced a devastating onslaught in the mid-16th century. While initially attributed to ********* ********* like smallpox, recent DNA analysis sheds new light on the mysterious illness that nearly obliterated them. Living amidst a cultural tapestry of nobility and commoners, the Aztecs thrived until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors, heralding a cascade of calamities.

Between 1545 and 1550, the Aztecs were besieged by a deadly outbreak of ******** known as cocoliztli, claiming millions of lives in a matter of days. Characterized by fever and profuse bleeding, the epidemic left an indelible mark on Aztec history. Researchers identified a strain of salmonella, Paratyphi C, as a probable culprit, potentially introduced by ********* colonizers.

The devastation was compounded by climatic upheavals, with a prolonged drought exacerbating the ****** toll. Human sacrifice, a ritualistic practice, further depleted their ranks. Francisco Hernandez’s detailed accounts depict a myriad of symptoms, yet no single ******** aligns precisely with his descriptions.

While the salmonella hypothesis offers insight, it ******** inconclusive, underscoring the complexity of unraveling the Aztec tragedy. Whether ravaged by ********, climate, or colonialism’s fallout, the Aztecs’ demise underscores the enduring impact of historical epidemics on indigenous populations, a somber chapter in human history.

Top image: Indigenous victims (likely smallpox), Florentine Codex (compiled 1540–1585) Source:

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By Robbie Mitchell

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aztecs, conquistadors, colonialism, ********, Mexico
#Mysterious #******** #Wiped #Aztecs #Video

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