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Uprise lets you liberate your nation across a turn-based strategy game, out now on iOS and Android

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Uprise lets you liberate your nation across a turn-based strategy game, out now on iOS and Android

Games2rk has announced the official launch of Uprise, tasking you with the command of a military force to liberate your nation. The turn-based strategy game offers three varied operations you can choose from, with dynamic elements that ramp up the replay-ability each time you’re itching to unleash your inner tactician.

As the title suggests, in Uprise you gather your troops and take advantage of their diverse skills to rage against an invading ****** nation. The players can choose to upgrade their fighter jets, tanks, and infantry to suit their strategy best – and if you’re having trouble taking down the big bad boss, you can always pick different branching paths to boost your abilities and learn research upgrades before coming back with a vengeance.


By managing your resources properly, you can optimise each unit’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure your victory. For instance, the Jet has the upper hand against infantry and artillery, but is at a disadvantage against helicopters and anti-air units.

Apart from resource management, you can also aim for medals and perks that you can unlock to strengthen your forces. And if you’re feeling competitive, the online leaderboards should feed your need to show off your tactical prowess against other commanders across the globe.

If you’re keen on giving it a go, you can download Uprise on

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for $1.99 a pop or your local equivalent.

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iOS,iPhone,iPad,Android,iPod,Uprise: War Strategy Game
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