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Goddess Order, the upcoming mobile RPG, reveals new preview trailer

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Goddess Order, the upcoming mobile RPG, reveals new preview trailer

  • Goddess Order, the upcoming tactical JRPG, reveals more in its new preview trailer
  • The game promises console levels of immersion for mobile players
  • But can it stand out in a sea of amazing mobile RPGs? Let’s see

PixelTribe and Kakao Games’ new title, Goddess Order, has seen the release of a brand-new trailer showing off a preview of the game. Coming off the back of their previous game, Crusaders Quest, PixelTribe continues to provide their signature mix of RPG and pixel art for a retro-style RPG. The latest trailer doesn’t give us raw gameplay, yet, but it does provide a new look at the style and story of the game.

In Goddess Order, you play as protagonist Lisbeth and her friends in their quest to save the world from the requisite impending calamity. The game promises fully controllable, tactical turn-based gameplay in the vein of classic JRPG and a massive story to explore.

A big pond, already full of fish

Goddess Order certainly offers a very neat trailer, as you can see above. However, whether or not that’s going to be enough to sway players isn’t totally clear. The RPG genre on mobile is one of the most saturated at the moment, and while we’re always eager to see a new, retro-style RPG with some admittedly gorgeous pixel art, we’re not sure how easily Goddess Order will find an audience.

But the promise of ‘console levels of immersion’ and the choice to stick with tactical, manual controls in a market that’s currently overflowing with idle games may just be what Goddess Order needs to stand out…

Goddess Order does not currently have a set release date but will hit storefronts sometime in the second half of 2024.

Can’t wait for Goddess Order to arrive and need something to satisfy your JRPG craving? Then if you’re an Android player you can check out our carefully curated list of the top 25 best Android JRPGs available now! Or maybe you’d rather keep your eye on the upcoming Supercell title Squad Busters, set to make its soft launch on April 23rd?

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