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    PATCH Game Updater Builder

    Auto Updater Builder is a VB.NET application designed to facilitate the creation of update packages. It generates individual ZIP files for each file in a source directory, maintaining the original directory structure, and creates version.txt, a filelist.txt and an index.php for version tracking, SHA256 hashes of the files, respectively and serving files to the client.

    Easy selection of source and output directories. Build Version number entry for tracking. Automated generation of version.txt, filelist.txt and index.php. ZIP file creation for each file in the source directory, preserving directory structure. SHA256 hash generation for file integrity verification. Manage Package info
    The only thing you need to do is open Auto Updater Builder
    No specific installation process required. The application runs directly from the executable in the Windows environment.

    Purchase a package that suits you best Set the serial key in the builder Manage the Package and set the settings (Game, Website, etc...) Select Source Folder: Click on the related Select button to choose the source directory containing the files for packaging. Select Output Folder: Click on the related Select button to define the destination directory for the generated packages. Version Input: Enter the version number in Version text box. This will be used in version.txt. Generate Packages: Press Generate to initiate the packaging process.
    Detailed Functionality
    Folder Checks: Ensures the selected source and output folders meet the necessary conditions (non-empty source, empty destination). Version Input Restriction: Only numeric inputs allowed for version number. File Processing: Processes files in the source directory recursively, computes SHA256 hashes, and packages them into ZIP files. Progress Tracking: Utilizes a progress bar to display progress. Error Handling: Provides user alerts for issues related to folder selection or file processing.
    File Handling and Deployment

    Generated Files
    Auto Updater Builder generates several files during its operation:
    version.txt: Contains the version number of the package. filelist.txt: Lists all files with their respective SHA256 hashes. data.json: Serves the client updater with the necessary information index.php: A fallback way for some hosts to serve the client updater the version.txt, filelist.txt, and data.json, acts as main page. Individual .zip files for each item in the source directory, preserving the directory structure.
    Moving Generated Files
    Once the packaging process is complete, the generated files are found in the specified output folder. These files include the version.txt, filelist.txt, index.php, data.json and a zips folder containing ZIP files for each item.
    To deploy these files for an update mechanism, follow these steps:
    Web Server Setup: Ensure you have a web server configured to serve files. In the provided code, the base URL is set as "". Adjust this to your actual server's URL.
    Upload Files:
    Upload the version.txt and filelist.txt, index.php and data.json directly to the root of the designated path on your web server (e.g., http://yourserver.com/updater/). Upload the contents of the zips folder to a subdirectory on your web server, named zips (e.g., http://yourserver.com/updater/zips/). Client Application Configuration:
    The client application should be configured to check for updates from your web server. This is typically done by setting the baseURL in the application to match your web server's URL.
    Ensure that the web server's directory structure matches the expected paths set in the application code. For example, if your application expects version.txt at http://yourserver.com/updater/version.txt, it should be placed accordingly on the server.
    Auto Updater Builder - Automating package creation with ease and reliability.


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